3 Steps to Stop Feeling Lonely in a Relationship

Loneliness does not discriminate and can show its ugly face in the lives of people who are in a relationship or married as well as those who are single and live alone.

Though this might seem alarming, using the correct steps and methods will allow you to easily learn how to stop feeling lonely in a relationship and open up to a life much more full of joy and emotional companionship.

To achieve this you must learn to understand your own mental capacities and abilities to release yourself of the constraints that this condition is causing.

As a person that has known the extreme pits of loneliness, I’m going to share with you now 3 of the most efficient steps you can take to stop feeling lonely in a relationship that have helped me through the years overcome loneliness.

The 3 Steps to Stop Feeling Lonely in a relationship:

Take responsibility for your emotions:

The first and hardest step is the first one and is of taking full responsibility for your emotions.

It is very common especially in low points in life to blame others for the way you feel. As comforting as it may be for while it is actually one of the main reasons you are stuck in the rut you are at the moment.

As long as you blame others for the way you feel, you are giving away your power to change and everything becomes dependent on the other person. This self-defeating route will usually cause any option of relief or solution to be available.

Understanding that the way you feel, is your responsibility and no one else, will leave all the power and options available in your hands and you will be able to find productive ways to stop feeling alone in a relationship or any other situation.

Learn to let go:

Emotions are very interesting and can often be marvelous liars. If you study a bit of brain science you will come to understand that the more you focus on any situation or state, the more it will color and shape the way you observe the world and the more proof  and experiences you will get of that specific point of attention.

For example, if you tend to feel anger and frustrated often and spend most of your time thinking and talking about your annoying experiences, by nature your brain must work and search and guide you to more experiences that will anger and frustrate you.

If you’ve ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning and had bad experiences happen to you over and over again that day, then you know what I mean.

The interesting thing about emotions and a very important key for learning how to stop feeling lonely in a relationship is to understand that you are not your emotions and you can let them go to allow other more positive ones to take their place.

Holding on to emotions as a justification for a situation will only cause more of the unwanted state to continue. Letting go of these negative emotions with the understanding that you are responsible for the way you feel will orient you in the right direction and free you of any unwanted chronic situation.

Become Solution Oriented:

So you’ve taken responsibility, you’re working on letting go of loneliness now it’s time for the third step that will help you stop feeling lonely in a relationship is moving into a solution oriented frame of mind.

If you took to heart the previous three steps then you are not searching for the answer from other people and now it’s time to trigger that natural part of your psyche that can start finding solutions for the situation.

As I mentioned previously, as long as we focus on problems we are bound to repeat the essence of them time and time again. Finding a solution by focusing on the problem might seem natural but it is by far the hardest way to go.

Instead of going about it like that, I propose that you acknowledge your negative situation and then ask yourself “what is the other side of the coin to my situation?”

If you are feeling lonely in a relationship then the answer might be something like “To feel love and companionship in my relationship”

Now you have a positive outcome to achieve “Feeling love and companionship with your partner”

The next step is to write this outcome down and start brainstorming different ways you can move towards this goal.

Write at least 10 ideas you can take action on.

Once you are finished, take the 3 best ideas you came up with and for the following 3 days execute one idea per day.

Focusing on solutions and taking action to achieve your positive goals will change the way you feel and bring you different results. If you repeat this often you will be amazed at how fast you can stop feeling lonely in your relationship and how much your partner will be willing to cooperate with you.

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by Kiko Erel in How to Overcome Loneliness, How to Stop Feeling Lonely

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