How to Stop Feeling Lonely and Start Living

Learning how to stop feeling lonely can be a life changing event for many people who have felt this way for a long time.

The emotional freedom and new discovery of options that were hidden before turns this practice into a fun and life changing event.

From my experience with working with hundreds of people around the world, overcoming loneliness is a wonderful and very freeing experience that is worth the effort.

Before you can learn how to stop feeling lonely most of the time, you must first take the time to understand why loneliness happens.

Why do we feel lonely?

After studying human psychology and social communications for many years I have come to understand that loneliness is a very natural yet overused emotion that is rampaging through modern society.

What used to be an evolutionary necessary emotion has become a chronic habit that reigns supreme in too many people’s lives.

The need for acceptance and belonging:

The need for acceptance and being part of a group is very important and feeling alone is a natural alarm bell messaging you to take action and find your place in the world.

Imagine going outside on a freezing winter’s day and not feeling the cold. As you walk outside enjoying the beautiful scenery, your body temperature starts dropping more and more. Even though this might seem great, you wouldn’t be able to realize that your life is in danger.

The same goes for emotions such as loneliness. If you did not feel lonely from time to time, you would not be aware that a very deep need is not being catered to. The first step of learning how to stop feeling lonely is to understand that this is an important indicator of a natural need for acceptance and belonging and should be addressed as that.

That being said, the problem is that with the immense ignorance towards emotions and their roll in life, many get trapped in a vicious circle of loneliness and depression without really finding any relief or solutions to the situation.

Because of this, many times the feeling itself becomes the dominating factor in your life instead of a mere indicator that some change is needed.

Emotions are Subconscious:

To understand how to stop feeling lonely it is important to know that emotions originate from a part of the mind that is not conscious. Unlike logical thinking, which belongs to out conscious abilities, this subconscious part is much more primal and works a bit differently.

The same way you can’t control your feeling of hunger by simply telling yourself you are full, you can’t simply logically make the feeling of loneliness disappear.

In order to create change you must take certain steps to learn how to work with this subconscious part and create the correct mental environment for change and emotional balance.

Tapping this subconscious part and understanding why you feel this way are the first steps in learning how to stop feeling alone and taking control of your life.

This can be achieved by using different processes and techniques you will soon be learning.

How to Stop Feeling Lonely:

To help you understand the different ways and methods to overcome the feeling of loneliness, we have created a step by step 7 FREE lessons course that will guide you through the process and help you start living the emotionally free life you deserve.

By applying these methods you will create a space that will enable many great changes to happen in your life including: creating new relationships, letting past hardships go, releasing fear and anxiety, becoming more relaxed and enjoying more of your experience.

To take part in these Free lessons all you have to do is enter your name and E-mail in the form below and they will be sent to your inbox immediately.

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by Kiko Erel in How to Stop Feeling Lonely

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